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About me

As a composer, as a bassist.

I think I am a bassist because I don’t have knowledge of composing music enough. But, I have no band or group to play the bass that’s why I’m composing the song for playing the bass guitar. If anyone is interested in my playing bass guitar, please let me know. I’d like to join the session!

WAL Bass guitar

The most important instrument is the bass guitar for me. In 1993, I purchased the WAL fretless bass which is the MACH II 5 strings. It is completely BTO(build to order). I remember that I waited around 3 months to arrive at my home after ordering. I may be a lucky guy because I didn’t think at that time the WAL bass goes really difficult to get a new one like these days.

WAL Mach II 5 strings fretless bass

I also have Fender Precision bass. It is a fretted bass guitar. But I mostly play the WAL Fretless Bass over Fender Precision because the Fretless is so comfortable to me. The WAL Bass tone is a kind of unique. I think this characteristic tone is got from the pre-amp circuit which is installed in the WAL Bass. Of course, it may be affected by the body, neck, and the pickup too. My WAL is the English walnut facing and mahogany core, and the fingerboard is the Indian ebony.

By the way, my first bass guitar was the Fernandes 4 strings bass guitar which was a typical PJ model in 1989. ;)


I’m using a little wide various equipment such as computers, software, hardware gears. I used to use the MOD tracker especially I loved Scream Tracker. After that, I used the MIDI sequencers which are the hardware such as Yamaha QX series, Roland MC-500, and Squarp Pyramid. Also, I used the Akai MPC 2000 and MPC Live as MIDI sequencers. I liked the drum machines too such as Casio RZ-1 which is my most loved machine. By the way, my first drum machine was Yamaha RX-7. Of course, I like the synthesizer but it’s difficult to say my best synth because I like all ones. I mostly used Roland Super JX and Waldorf Blofeld. But I definitely can say, I love the samplers! I used many samplers and still have Ensoniq Mirage in 2022. I used to use Emu Emax, Casio FZ-20m, Ensoniq EPS, EPSm, EPS 16+, EPS 16+ Rack for example. And… my first sampler is CASIO SK-1. ;)

The hardware effectors also are so good and I preferred using a compressor. But I almost did let go of rack mount effectors. Currently, I’m using a few of the 500 module for the mastering audio.

By the way, in the modern field, I was using Opcode Vision, after that using many DAW such as Opcode Vision studio, Steinberg Cubase, MOTU Digital Performer, eMagic Logic and Apple Logic, Propellerhead(Reason Studios) Reason, Avid Protools, Bitwig studio, and Reaper.

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