twelve years

by Hide: House-eey

move forward 05:41
what am I 05:00
wrong number 05:01
fall in fall 04:39


What is the "House-eey" ?
The "House-eey" is my original music style and unique genre. I know many people are gonna confuse it because it's the very similar name of "house music". But it's really different from house music. I had been trying to find fitting and fitting common genre with my music but it was really waste time for me. The name called "house-eey" was described in Japanese which means a kind of homemade. But it's not a right word as Japanese language either actually. I just say "eey" instead of "kinda" in Japanese. There is no meaning of the "house" music in the "house-eey". You might well think it's like a techno or electronic music, but maybe it ain't right genre.... 'Cause it's the house-eey. ;-)

What kind of the genre then?
The "House-eey" has been inspired by 80s music scene especially US/UK pop music, new age and alternatives except I perform unique flavor in it. That is the "Bass". All of the House-eey tunes are played by fretless bass guitar. This concept makes a signature sound of the House-eey.

What's the band name actually?
It's a little difficult to explain that because the "House-eey" is project name of my music. If I need to tell the band name, usually I'm using "House-eey". So maybe you'll think about "Hide" too. It is my nickname for acting the music. So, originally I used to use "Hide" for band name because it's equal as the artist name of a one-man band. But you know... there is so many "Hide" as a nickname in the world! Then I've mixed my nickname and concept name "Hide: House-eey" for labeling my name in this world. It's complicated, isn't it?

And... Who am I?
I "a.k.a Hide" do compose music, playing fretless bass guitar, programming sequence and mixing songs. The "House-eey" is the home-made one-man's band.


released February 25, 2018


all rights reserved



Hide: House-eey Japan

The "House-eey" is based on a chillwave, chillout, and downtempo genre that has been inspired by the 80s music scene especially US/UK pop music, new wave, and these alternatives. All of the House-eey tunes are played actual bass guitar. This concept is creating a unique signature sound. ... more

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