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History of the house-eey.

In 1987, I(hide.h) composed the first music by cheap home keyboard. And then I was challenging composing many songs by this keyboard. I don’t have any of skill or chord progressions for composing music but it was no matter to create the music. And later, I got computer(PC) to challenge creating sound and song. It’s written by MML(Music Macro Language) that was necessary to play the music by computer.

In 1990, I was playing the drum in the band 5 years and this experience improved the “rhythm” skill. Also at same time, I got cheap ebass guitar. This happening was really important and then I am playing the ebass continually over 20 years.

The “House-eey” has been started in 1994. Initial concept is “fun with computer music”. It was so simple. The name called “house-eey” was described in Japanese which means a kind of homemade. But it’s not a right word as Japanese language either actually. I say “eey” instead of “kinda” in Japanese. There is no meaning of the “house” music in the “house-eey”.

First 10 years(between 1994 and 2003), I was composing music by computer but didn’t play ebass guitar for it. I tried to compose many genre such as Techno, Jazz, Rock, Pop and Game music. But always couldn’t satisfy those songs because I wanted to play bass guitar too. Mainly I was using “Scream Tracker” and published some of my “s3m” file on the one of popular public FTP site as well as joining the PC-Demo teams.

In 2004, made big change to the “House-eey”. I have met DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) system finally and it was realizing to record bass guitar by computer. Also the concept has been changed to “fun with bass guitar and computer”.

After that I realized that DAW and PC’s software can’t emulate perfectly especially vintage synth and sampler as well as old analog gears.

Since then I am composing music with outboard gears mainly that performing the “House-eey”.