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I don’t think nobody noticed I left YT. Technically I removed my all video from YouTube.

Haha, anyways!

The biggest reason was I’m not a video creator. It was super difficult to keep posting the new song to YouTube because I had no idea to create a “video” for my song. Around 10 songs I was uploading, I shot my equipment and me to play the bass but I couldn’t have more any ideas. It’s just boring even though I was a watcher of my video. Also, I’m so tired to think of creating the video.

I’m not YouTuber nor a video creator.

Maybe, I’m not interested in creating the video anyway… Also, I don’t like YouTube these days because tons of painful videos and too many “click bait” videos. So… I left the scary world. YouTube.

I’ll keep composing and posting the new song on my site.

I know no one interested in my songs but this is my hobby.

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