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I was giving up using Spotify to deliver my songs a few times because it was really difficult to appear my songs to the audience. I have already not expected that. But I have decided to use Spotify to deliver my song again! Why? Because it’s a very stable platform to deliver the song, I think the sound quality is very good. (I know it’s still compressed but you know… who is listening to the song with a very high-quality audio player?)

By the way, I use Reverbnation as well, which is for releasing a very new song only. Once the songs are ready to compile as a new album, I’ll release the song(album) on Spotify, and then I’ll remove the song on Reverbnation. This will be a new iteration.

Maybe someone is not using Spotify but… Maybe it should be OK! Because it’s already “no one knows me”, it won’t be any changes even if I migrate all my songs to Spotify. Haha!

Luckily(seriously?) if you found me, then… please have a listen on Spotify.

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