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Will AI kill us?

I don’t know but I feel when we use AI and AI completed my request, will I say “Thank you” to it?

Maybe no.

Do you always say to your air-conditioner when you turned on?

Thank you, my air-conditioner for cooling my room!!

Maybe no. But you might say “F***! Stupid!” when it doesn’t work.

This is what I want to say about “AI”.

At least about me, I will lose a chance to say “Thank you” if I utilize AI.

Is it wasted time to say “Thank you” to people?

I really don’t think so.

But at the same time, you will lose a chance to hear “Thanks!” as well.

Are we OK…?

I am thinking this will be started the “impersonal” world and the end of “creativity”.

The “Computer” and “High-tech” mostly give us to make happy because it is the “tool” but not on behalf of people or humans.

How about the “AI”?

I think I’m such an idiot so I can’t understand why people like using AI proactively.

For me, it seems someone saying “I don’t need you anymore” or “I don’t need to learn anymore” but “I need you if you can use AI”.

You are already not human, you are a part of making their money.

I totally fed up seeing any kind of news about AI and already stay away from it.

By the way, I love “Computer”.

“You know, AI can compose songs! Also, the mastering process can be done by it!”

So what? Hello?

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