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Which DAW do you like to use for composing?

I’m using Cubase and Reason these days and mostly Cubase. I prefer Reason because it’s fun to create my original sound using Reason’s stock instruments, especially SubTractor and NN-XT. But when I want to focus on “composing”, I feel the Cubase is very handy and it has many great features for the MIDI notes.

I’m a little worried to stick with Reason day by day because the recent version looks not like the “Propellerhead” generation. And there are unfinished features such as the VST3 implementation still in 2022. Still, I love Reason but for preventing any worries, I currently am using Cubase mainly and sometimes Reason.

I know Cubase 12 is in chaos situation which is having too many issues since it was released… I used to use version 11 even though I upgraded it to 12 for a while. The recent version (v12.0.30 and v12.0.40) still has some glitches but it’s not a big deal to me.

By the way, I have used Cubase since version 1. Yes, it is an original first version of the Cubase in the 90s. It’s a long time since I’m using Cubase and I still prefer it over any others. I was using Vision, Logic, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Live, BitWig, Reaper, and so on. I think Cubase is the most comfortable software for me. Another thing, I have used Reason since version 2.0 in early 2000. I think I’m a long-term user of the Reason.

Maybe I shouldn’t take another DAW anymore.

It might be a waste of a journey…

I mean, a waste of money… :p

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