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I think I finally found a suitable pre-amp for my taste.

That is Chandler Limited’s “Little Devil Pre Amp”.

Chandler Limited Little Devil Pre Amp

I tried many pre-amps so far. I also tried combining the EQ type as well such as dbx 376, EBS MicroBass3, ALBIT A1BP Pro, and more. Recently, I thought CAMDEN 500 was my best but… I felt it was a little muddy to me. Maybe my bass tone is muddy that’s why?

Usually, most spending of my time is for adjusting the tone using EQ, especially to fit the mid-frequency into the song. I always want to push the “fretless bass” character from my WAL bass. It’s not so difficult to be done by EQ just for listening to the bass as a solo. But when the blending in the song, it’s going to be a difficult thing. This pre-amp is like a magic box to me. My WAL bass sound is what exactly I wanted that is the “mid-frequency” character with this “Little Devil Pre Amp”.

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