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/var/log/Broken Little Devil

My Little Devil is now broken… wow… It run just around 1 month since I purchased a brand new.

Maybe I’m an unlucky guy!

Now I switched back to the Camden 500 again. Camden 500 isn’t so bad actually it’s suitable for my Fender Precision Bass guitar.

When I use it with my WAL Fretless Bass guitar, the sounds are a little muddy…

I’m addressing the remaining 2 songs which will be available on the 15th album(I think I can release it Jan 2023.) so I’m going to use the Fender Bass instead of WAL Bass.

My Fender Precision Bass guitar(Fretted) is very standard. It has the “Frets” and the tone is very common that I like it as well.

So surprised about the QC of Chandler Limited.

It’s a big sad thing. :(

Anyway… I’ll ask the dealer and I’ll see what is going on.

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