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/var/log/Little Devil is back!

My Little Devil Preamp has been restored!

The dealer (in Japan) helped me so quickly. They are an authorized dealer and are handling the fixing of a faulty unit in Japan. And they told me my preamp was shorting out between the transformer and the PCB.

What a kind of scary thing…!

I think I’m the lucky guy now because this preamp didn’t break my 500R8 which is the 500 modules chassis (and audio I/O). So… at least I want to say to Chandler Limited, you should be careful to assemble the unit! If I got a trouble with my 500R8, it must be a really big headache.

I have done recording my Fender Precision bass guitar through the Little Devil Pre Amp finally and that sound is so beefy! It’s very good matching my WAL Fretless as well as Fender Precision bass. :-)

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