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So, why 80s?

It’s so simple.

No nudity and no pitch correcting, but there was just a huge talent with big hair! That IS all.

The technology didn’t help them too much, just tackled for reaching perfection again and again by themselves and spending a lot of time.

“Music” was so expensive because of it.

MTV or any kind of music television, they wanted a nice music video as well as so oddity sometimes. That was a little funny thing but it was so emotional sometimes. The music video helped us to get more interested. But, we didn’t really need to “watch” the video at least.

Just listening to the music in front of the speaker, and just closed eyes but your brain and ears just focused on the “music”.

So… it wasn’t simple for the artist.

We don’t need to spend so much time for creating, recording, and publishing songs these days. But…

How about “Music” itself…?

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