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I’ve realized Reason is really FUN to compose again. I know I have used it since version 2 and keep upgrading each version. But recently I just spent money even though not use Reason it’s like a donation. I think I was hoping Propellerhead(Now “Reason Studios”) may give me big motivation again, and now it’s time back to use Reason!

I’m a Cubase user as well and it gives me excellent compatibility with 3rd parties plugins which are the VST and VST3. That’s why I really wanted to use my VST3 plugins and Reason now handles it finally. But today, I just gave it a try to use Reason without any VST even my favorite VST3. I really realized that maybe I’m fine using only the Reason’s stock modules and the Rack-Extensions…!

Before I heavily was using Reason 6.5 which was handling only the Rack-Extensions as well as its stock modules. And I felt it was enough for composing my songs. But recently I was believing I can compose a great song if I use the “expensive” 3rd party plugin.

Propellerhead REASON

Now I’ve belatedly realized that it may be wrong!

Today I feel I can back to using Reason to compose songs mainly. By the way, for the next 16th album, I composed many songs using Cubase 12 already though. So… a next-next 17th album, could be composed using Reason only but who cares? I know it’s only me haha.

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