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I was looking for the saturator more like a subtle effect but a very effective one like a Solid State Logic Mixing Console. Actually, I didn’t know much about Kahayan’s products. I just met the info from the audio forum website and just falling in love with the concept of the Solid 4000 Stereo Mix Buss processor.

Immediately I contacted Kahayan directly because they don’t have a Japanese dealer.

Kahayan Solid 4000 Mix Buss

Today, Got the Kahayan Solid 4000 Stereo Mix Buss finally!!

This gear is really great sounding. It won’t ruin the sound but adds very natural “saturation” like a real console. And I noticed that it adds a little bumping around the low-mid frequency. This might help to add the “body” to the sound. I chained Solid 4000 before the SSL G COMP which makes the sound like the SSL console with a little more modern taste. Also, it has routed two of RND 542, and the IGS RB 500 Mastering EQ at the final stage. This routing is a perfect mastering chain for me and I feel “Finally, I made it”.

I’m still composing and recording the bass guitar for the 16th album, and it will be mastered with these gears.

Stay tuned! :-)

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