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/var/log/Remastering 14th and 15th album

I’m preparing the new 16th album, but I was checking the 14th and 15th albums and noticed that the sound quality isn’t good.

I know I’m not a skilled mastering engineer and it might be OK with the rude quality but… I couldn’t keep listening to my tracks! Haha.

I did remastering all tracks of the 14th and 15th albums and re-uploaded all.

Most people don’t know my song so it is perfectly OK but I just want to say here…

The sound quality is still dull but I think I polished it a little. :p

By the way, I don’t know why but the 14th album is a kind of illness track. Maybe my mentality wasn’t healthy that day…

Here is the 15th album and a little easy to listening than the 14th but still a little dark mood.

And… the 16th album release is just around the corner! :)

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