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The new 16th album “hexadecimal magic” has been released!

This time, I introduced the new gear that is the Retro Instruments “500PRE” in the mastering chain instead of the Rupert Neve 542 tape emulator. I totally understand it is the “Tube mic pre” and kind of a tube saturator unit.

I loved the 542 but recently it was a little too beefy for my songs and I was a little hesitant to use it. Especially the 542 bumps the low freq end and most times it was too much for me. I was looking for another saturator for a while and realized that my song may be suited to the tube saturation.

Finally I found the 500PRE and it perfectly fits my taste and adds a good thick and gritty sound without too beefy and boomy low freq. It’s very easy to distort the sound but it also can be used as a subtle saturation unit. Once found the sweet spot, it adds a very good tone to the sound. Also, it helps a little compression to the sound and it makes the sound so thick.

“Is it really useful for mastering purposes?”

That was my concern but I can say,

“It’s a perfect unit for me!". :-)

My mastering chain - 16th June 2023

This album used the following gears as a mastering chain which used only analog gear excluding the limiter for adjusting loudness.

  • Retro Instruments 500PRE (Tube preamp / Saturator)
  • IGS RB500ME (EQ)
  • Kahayan Solid 4000 Stereo Mixbuss (Saturator)
  • SSL G COMP mk2 (Comp)

Hope you feel a retro-electronic sound. :-)


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